Are you local to the Sunshine Coast? Are you looking to invest more time in education at home?

And if you don’t have the time…what about teaching your nanny how you do it?

Myself and Kelly Maguire are hosting an amazing workshop: Education at home: Montessori tips and Behaviour positive strategies.


Montessori tips to transform your house in learning environments by Maria Grana:

With this course I want to share with you basic concepts about the Montessori method, the importance of applying the method at home and what are the steps you need to follow to create a prepared Montessori environment at home. I will also introduce you to the Montessori furniture and the educational activities I recommend to have on your shelves. 

Emotional intelligence strategies by Kelly Maguire:

Emotional intelligence is something that we all work on during our life span. It doesn’t stop or end as we grow older. We are faced with challenges and unexpected events at various stages of our life that teach us about our emotions and how we react. Wouldn’t it be great if we can provide young children with positive strategies and practical lessons to support this journey? As a Montessori teacher, I have been adapting my practices and looking for updated and inclusive strategies to develop children’s well being. I find that many of us struggle with identifying, expressing and using supportive strategies to manage our emotions. Maybe this is due to the fact that we didn’t have the knowledge when we were in our early childhood phase. This workshop is to support families on that path and to share the tools, routines and strategies I have studied and used in the classroom with you.


Montessori Homeschool is not looking to replace school education but to give parents and nannies educational tools to transform their home and work spaces into learning environments. You will be able to support and enhance the children’s physical, intellectual and emotional development in the first years of their life.

At the moment, we only offer a spanish online course. This will suit bilingual families or families that work with a spanish nanny. We are already working on our english version so hopefully it will be available soon! Thanks for your patience.

If you want to sign up for the spanish version of “My Montessori Home” please click on the link below: