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Montessori Homeschool Online is a bilingual web platform that aims to bring the Montessori Method closer to families in different countries and cultures. The platform is not intended to replace schools but to help parents create environments at home where they can develop activities that enhance the physical, intellectual and emotional development of their children in the first years of life.

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In this course I want to share basic concepts about the Montessori method, the importance of applying it at home and what are the steps to follow to create Montessori environments that teach by themselves.


En este curso les quiero compartir conceptos básicos acerca del método Montessori, la importancia de aplicarlo en casa y cuales son los pasos a seguir para crear ambientes Montessori que enseñan por sí solos.


These are some of the people who already apply the montessori method at home. Get to know them!

“I was lucky enough to do the online course with María and I can only speak wonders of her. In my case, I had already read about the Montessori method and wanted to go deeper and ask for advice on how to furnish our 14-month-old baby’s room. María made a brief presentation and then he explained in detail all the key elements that a Montessori room must have, he also answered other questions of mine and doubts about Montessori activities and even education. The result was a success! Since then we are followers of the Montessori system at home , Anna’s room has been beautiful and fully adapted to her needs. Now our little girl is 16 months old and is very independent and autonomous. It is the best gift we could give myself as parents. I recommend Maria’s services to all parents. It is a great professional and wonderful person. ”



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Brain Development, Emotional Intelligence and The Prepared Environment

Kelly and I have studied Montessori’s philosophy and we have over 15 years experience working in Montessori schools and in-home environments. We met here in Australia a few years ago and it wasn’t long after that when we knew we wanted to build something of value together.