Montessori Shelves

Incorporating a set of shelves into the child’s spaces is very important.

There are different types and designs of shelves. The most important thing is that they respect the main goal: that they are at the child’s level so that the child can access the activities on his own.

One of the functions of the shelves is to create a visual order where the child can observe the activities and freely choose which one to work with. Also, they generate an organization level where I can order the activities from simplest to most complex or separate them by categories.

Ideally, choose between 6 to 10 activities to work per week. The rest of the materials are advised to keep them in a place where the child cannot see them but can access them if necessary.

If this is not an option, you can keep all activities on the shelves but in an organized way. The best way is to get boxes or baskets and organize the activities by category, for example: blocks, cars, animals …

With this information, I hope that you will understand the role that each element plays in the child’s room.