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Brain Development, Emotional Intelligence and The Prepared Environment

Kelly and I have studied Montessori’s philosophy and we have over 15 years experience working in Montessori schools and in-home environments. We met here in Australia a few years ago and it wasn’t long after that when we knew we wanted to build something of value together.

Montessori Summer Camp

Due to the COVID crisis, during 2020, many educational institutions closed. So, it occurred to us to set up a workshop in which children could gradually reconnect with the outside and with other children.
This is how MONTESSORI SUMMER CAMP was born: an outdoor workshop divided into four stations.
To start with,the SENSORIAL station.

Why do we choose to do Montessori at home?

Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor born in 1870 who leaned her career towards education. He developed an encouraging and stimulating program in which children could learn the skills they needed to eventually become responsible, independent, productive, and care for their community and environment.

How to practice independence in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a space where you can carry out many activities that support the development of children. These activities not only teach them, but also relax and entertain them. Despite this, the kitchen is considered an environment  full of dangers where there are fragile, sharp and intimidating elements such as fire. Through Montessori at

How do we use “flash cards” from a Montessori point of view?

Vocabulary cards are a recurring material in many schools and many homes. They help children pronounce their first words by visualizing and repeating a concept. Also, they help to incorporate new words to their vocabulary, increasing their word options when putting together their first sentences.